29 Jun 2020

We have another recent historic Hong Kong Colony “capping” with a Welch Regiment connection to report, following on from those awarded to Bob Richardson-Aitken and Bill Carling over the past year.


Some fifty five years ago the 1st Battalion of the Welch Regiment arrived in Hong Kong and were stationed at Stanley Fort - the Regiment came with a formidable reputation on the rugby field.


Shortly after their arrival trials were held for the Hong Kong side, then known as the “Colony,”  which was to play a series of matches against touring sides from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand.  Seven members of the Welch were chosen to play and Lieutenant David Thomas was appointed as the captain.


The Welch Regiment and Colony front row included Lieutenant Bill Carling and Sargeant Dai Llewellyn.  The sons of these two stalwarts went on to earn high rugby honours. Dai Llewellyn had two sons, Glyn who won 9 caps for Wales and Gareth who won 92 caps for Wales.  Bill Carling's son Will won 72 caps for England, whilst Marcus played for Hong Kong in the Sevens format of the game…an impressive 173 international caps between them!


On Thursday Dai Llewellyn's sons visited their father and presented him with his Hong Kong Cap.


Dai commented,  “This brings back many wonderful memories; I will always treasure my Cap.”