An U19 Gai Wu player and member of AMS who assists in the Hong Kong quarantine programme

05 Jun 2020

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, members from all walks of life have been doing what they can to support the community, which is why our week four #localhero is Chan Hoi Yan, an U19 Gai Wu rugby player and member of Auxiliary Medical Service. Despite not being on duty during the pandemic outbreak, Chan Hoi Yan voluntarily assists to escort persons under quarantine to quarantine centres.


Hoi Yan and other AMS members usually travel a long way to escort persons under quarantine. She remembers that for her first case, she had to travel to Lantau Island to pick up the person in need and travelled another 5 hours to escort them to their quarantine centre at Chun Yeung Estate.


“Of course, she worries about carrying the infection and spreading it to the family, but she has our full support to continue with her duties. We hope that she will continue to make contributions to the community with positive power and enthusiasm.” said Chan Hoi Yan’s mother.


Congratulations to our Week Four #localhero Chan Hoi Yan! The search for next week’s local hero continues... Nominate your hero now!