24 Dec 2020

Craving for Return To Play for rugby in 2021? Going Ape is an online programme from Asphodel Elite Performance ( created by Cris O’Brien who is a Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT-L3) and the Asphodel coaching team. A monthly program designed specifically for athletes who need speed and power, it is a tried and true approach that will get any athlete bigger, stronger, and faster. The team created this programme to develop an athlete over the course of several years and the complexity of the program varies based on this. 

However, anyone who has been working out for a few years should be able to jump right in at any given time. Cris and the team use a hybrid programming protocol of traditional concurrent training (combination of resistance and endurance training), and the triphasic (Athletic movement = Dynamic movement = Triphase movement) block system with the intention of an athlete being capable of training between 2-6 days per week.


Get ready to be an ape for the return of rugby! 90% off for joining Going Ape programme at with special code HKRUGBY


5 tips from Cris for someone coming in for a CrossFit session for the first time:


(1)  Be prepared for the intensity.  CrossFit is an aerobic-dominant sport that can feel like you're running through mud, as fast as you can for 15 minutes. 

(2) But we also lift heavy.  Each session generally begins with a strength component so that we improve the overall health of our members.

(3) Be ready to make new friends.  Each session generally has people who train at the same time each day, so you become friends with everyone.

(4) Come humble.  No matter how experienced you are in a gym, everyone has new things to learn.  We have plenty of members who learn how to handstand walk at 35 years old (or older)!

(5) Have fun.  CrossFit is designed to promote general fitness, making this a great choice for non-athletes throughout the year, as well as competitive athletes during certain parts of their training programme.


One thing to note here is that for power athletes (e.g. rugby players), CrossFit-style programming is best reserved for the beginning of the offseason or a one off general conditioning program throughout the year. 


The CrossFit programme maybe too challenging for you? However, looking a program to get you through the time WITHOUT skipping out on your gains? Cris also designed another programme that is designed to be done at home or anywhere someone would be limited on equipment called Built At Home!


Coaches who will hold you accountable, increasing the likelihood you will actually do the work and provide the feedback you need to grow. Just need simple equipment like towel / tennis ball / dumbbells  or something to jump on, could follow the program tasks. It incorporates all aspects of fitness, from strength, anaerobic and aerobic capacity, and plyometrics, which you will not feel boring at home anymore!


CrossFit Asphodel is offering 25%off for joining Built At Home programme at  with special code HK2020 ! Lets staying healthy to 2021!

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