13 Aug 2020

Nelson Mandela famously said that sport has the power to change the world, and here in the local community the HKRU Community Foundation has been busy over the past 7 years using sport as a medium to tackle social issues and positively impact on the lives of thousands of youngsters.


Many of us who have recently benefitted from the HK$10,000 Government payment will be considering making a charitable donation, we hope you’ll consider HKRU CF, a local section 88 charity, where we put every dollar to work! If your company has a matching employee donation scheme, why not take advantage of that - double your dollars, double the impact.


Here’s how your support could help;

- $800 pays for a former correctional institute inmate to increase their employability via a 3 month rugby training and vocational course

- $1,000 will help a deaf child develop their confidence in interacting with the hearing community over the course of 1.5 weeks through rugby practices, events and competitions

- $2,000 covers two children with ADHD for a 1.5 month course aimed at enhancing self-regulation abilities through rugby training

- $4,000 pays for two domestic helpers to build their support network within Hong Kong over six months, improving their overall well-being

- $5,000 cover the needs of five special needs children for 1.5 months, providing a chance to get active in a safe environment

- $6,000 will help two underprivileged children develop future life skills e.g. resilience through regular rugby training for a year

- $8,000 covers 15 refugees, facilitating networking within the rugby community, creating new social circles and increasing opportunities to become constructive members of the HK community through a 2.5 month rugby training course

- $10,000 pays for 30 primary school students to improve and gain more confidence in their English abilities through a 1.5 month rugby English training course


For more info on HKRU CF and online donations click here or contact us via [email protected]