18 Jan 2021

Maxwell’s Clothiers have pioneered bespoke custom tailoring since 1961.  Celebrating 60 years of tailoring tradition - with over a million customers served - the Hong Kong-based business, now in its third generation, has maintained its reputation for producing quality custom made clothing by an expert team of highly skilled artisan tailors.  Local and international clients experience a personalized service and expert consultants guide each client in creating the perfect garment.


Maxwell’s custom made collection consists of suits, shirts, trousers, jackets, outerwear and one of a kind pieces.  Each garment is customized, beginning with the latest collection of fabrics and multiple styles to select from. The tailors meticulously handcraft the clothing, based on client’s measurements and requirements, creating the perfect fit.


With a permanent showroom in Hong Kong and visits to Canada, the United States, Australia, UK and Europe, Maxwell’s Clothiers offers clients the opportunity to meet with their associates and personalize their entire wardrobe.


Since 2017, Maxwell’s has partnered with the HKRU as a provider and sponsor of tailored clothing for the HKRU board, management and team.  Maxwell’s is proud to be involved in HKRU charitable events and looks forward to an exciting future and continuous involvement in the rugby world.