Men’s and Women’s Premierships are cancelled after Covid-related team withdrawals

30 Mar 2021

After temporarily halting rugby-related activities in response to the recent gym cluster, the Hong Kong Rugby Union has confirmed that it will resume a modified league competition next month from 10th April.

Over the past week the HKRU has consulted with all senior and youth clubs, and noted that concerns remain in the community over potential quarantine complications and the risk of Covid transmission; this has led to the withdrawal of a number of teams who have indicated that they were not comfortable to return to play this season.

As a voluntary and members-based organization the HKRU has honoured the wishes of this group of players and teams.

Among total senior men’s and women’s teams, 39 sides have indicated they are keen to resume competition in April, while 33 have opted to withdraw from their respective competitions.

Given international competitions scheduled for spring and summer there is no opportunity to delay the resumption or reschedule the Premiership competitions, and in addition all the men’s and women’s 7s players at the Hong Kong Sports Institute had already been withdrawn from domestic competition in preparation for the Olympic Repechage on 19/20 June – this has meant the cancellation of both.

Competition for the remaining sides in the Men’s Championship, National League and Community Leagues One, Two and Three and Women’s National Leagues One and Two will continue with a modified schedule from 10th April, whilst Youth leagues will resume a week earlier on 4th April. “The HKRU’s role is to facilitate rugby at all levels for the enjoyment of our members. We believe that under our stringent health and safety measures, playing and watching rugby is safe. The HKRU will continue with our graduated return to play protocol for the majority of members that are keen to continue playing, and we look forward to kicking off the second half of the season in April. For those who have opted not to play at this time, we look forward to seeing them back with their boots on next season,” said Mr Robbie McRobbie, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Rugby Union.