15 Aug 2019

The Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) Board has appointed Nigel Hobler as its Director of Finance.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Hobler is a partner with KPMG specializing in alternative investments and private equity. He has more than 21 years of consulting experience spanning across Australia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Hobler is well-known in the local rugby community as the bedrock of the Hong Kong national team’s front row between 2006 and 2011, during which he made 20 international appearances. He has also served two periods as the Treasurer of the Hong Kong Football Club Rugby Section.


Hobler’s appointment follows the election of the Board’s previous Director of Finance Patrick Donovan to Chairman at the HKRU’s 63rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the Happy Valley Racecourse on Thursday, July 25.

Donovan replaces Pieter Schats who retired from the Board after serving as HKRU Chairman since 2014.

Hobler will be co-opted to serve for one year, commencing immediately, with the Finance Director position up for election at the HKRU’s 2020 AGM.

HKRU Board:

Patrick Donovan: Chairman

Fred Au: Director General 1

Kim Lam: Director General 2

Nigel Hobler: Director of Finance

Peter Hudson: Director of Laws & Referees

Kevin Taylor: Director of Coaching

Kim Kan Ka Kei : Director of Women’s Rugby

Chris Brooke: Director of Facilities

Tony Karton: Director of Youth

John Carroll: Director of Community