05th Jul 2024

Hong Kong China have confirmed a 23-player squad for the Men's XVs Test Match against Chile which takes place at 03:00 HKT on Sunday 7 July. 

The team also travel to Paraguay then Brazil over the following two weekends to complete a three-match South America Tour on the back of their historic Asia Rugby Men's Championship win. 

The match will be shown live on Disney + in South America and the Caribbean. Unfortunately, as it stands, there will be no stream available for fans in Hong Kong. Score updates and photos will be posted via HKCR’s social media channels on InstagramFacebook and X (formerly Twitter).

Match Details

  • Chile vs Hong Kong China
  • Estadio Fiscal de Talca
  • Saturday 6 July (15:00 local time / 03:00 HKT on Sunday 7 July)

Team Management

Charles CHEUNG (Team Manager) 

Andrew DOUGLAS (Head Coach)

Lewis EVANS (Coach)

Logan ASPLIN (Coach)

Marno MEYER (Coach)

Peter NUGENT (S&C Coach)

Andy YUEN (Analyst)

Henry ELLIOTT (Physiotherapist)

Tomas GALDAMES YARA (Physiotherapist)


23-Player Squad

Player (Club)

1. Rory CINNAMOND (HKU Sandy Bay)

2. Calum Scott (RAMS)

3. Zacceus CINNAMOND (HKU Sandy Bay)

4. Callum McCULLOUGH (Hong Kong Football Club)

5. Patrick JENKINSON (Hong Kong Football Club)

6. Joshua HRSTICH © (Hong Kong Football Club)

7. James SAWYER (Kowloon)

8. Luke VAN DER SMIT (Valley)

9. Pat Joe LAIDLER (Harry) (HKU Sandy Bay)

10. Matteo AVITABILE (Hong Kong Football Club)

11. Harry SAYERS (Valley)

12. Thomas Hill (Hong Kong Football Club)

13. Nathan DE THIERRY (Hunter Wildfires)

14. Sebastian BRIEN (HKU Sandy Bay)

15. Matthew WORLEY (Bedford Blues)

16. Alexander POST (Richmond)

17. Ben HIGGINS (Randwick)

18. Faizal SOLOMONA PENESA (HK Scottish)

19. Kyle SULLIVAN (USRC Tigers)

20. Tyler McNUTT (Hong Kong Football Club)

21. Pierce MACKINLAY-WEST (Hong Kong Football Club)           

22. Jack COMBES (USRC Tigers)

23. Paul ALTIER (SOC Rugby)