01st Jul 2024

Hong Kong China Rugby (HKCR) is delighted to congratulate four players and our CEO on their awards in the 2024 Honours List, which were announced today (1 July).

HKCR representative players Alex McQueen, Russell Webb, Liam Doherty and James Christie – who all featured in the men’s rugby sevens team that triumphed at the Asian Games in 2023 – were all awarded a Medal of Honour for outstanding achievements in international rugby competitions.

CEO Robbie McRobbie received a Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service in recognition of his contributions to the development of rugby in Hong Kong.

HKCR Chairman Chris Brooke said the HKSAR Establishment Day Honours were remarkable achievements for the five recipients as well for rugby in Hong Kong. He commented:

“These awards are a fitting tribute to the drive and dedication of the players and the CEO, all of whom have worked tirelessly to grow and promote rugby in Hong Kong.

“I am sure that I join all in the rugby community to celebrate these honours, which recognise the excellence of our players and management team, and the positive contributions rugby role models can have in the Hong Kong community.

“Alex, Russell, Liam and James have been magnificent players and ambassadors for club rugby in Hong Kong as well as representative players wearing the Hong Kong, China jersey. I congratulate them on receiving their Medals of Honour, which not only recognise their significant personal achievements but also those of our representative teams which are always proud and honoured to play for Hong Kong, China.

Mr Brooke also noted that the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service was a fitting tribute to Robbie McRobbie, who steps away from the HKCR CEO role on 5 July, following 20 years in the organisation and seven years as CEO. 

Robbie was previously awarded an MBE for services to philanthropy and UK-Hong Kong relations in the 2020 British New Year’s Honours List.

In total, 502 people have been recognised by the Chief Executive in the 2024 Honours List and Justices of the Peace appointments, as published by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government. A presentation ceremony will be held later this year.