12th Jan 2018

Eight of Hong Kong’s Deaf Rugby players are busy fundraising so they can realize their dream of participating in the World Deaf Sevens on 22nd - 28th April in Australia. Thanks to the support of the rugby community, the total needed is half way there as the gate receipts from last month’s Regal Hotels Cup of Nations have gone towards funding the trip, and now with the generous support of Standard Chartered they have all been given places in the 2018 Standard Chartered 10K Race this month to give them an opportunity to raise the rest through sponsorship and donations.

This tour will be the first overseas tournament for the Hong Kong Deaf Rugby Team since their visit to Cambodia in 2015. "We are so proud to be representing Hong Kong on the world stage, and playing against deaf rugby players from all over the world will be a fantastic experience for the team - a great example to prove that our deaf youngsters just need opportunities and anything can be achieved. This will be an important showcase for the deaf community in Hong Kong, and the powerful positive role that sport can play.” said Winnie Cheung, HKRU's Deaf Rugby player-coach.

With training resuming after the Festive break, preparations are now in full swing to ensure all the players are ready for both their 10km race and the rugby tournament ahead.

In addition to their regular Friday evening rugby training, the team will look add at least two extra running sessions per week to build stamina and endurance ahead of the race.

“We would like to finish the 10km run within one hour. Through this journey to the race we wish to raise the profile of our deaf athletes, and prove that with determination and the community’s support nothing is impossible!” said Michael Tang, one of the Hong Kong Deaf Rugby Players.

You can support this great initiative by donating , every dollar counts, help our deaf rugby players’ on their way to the World Deaf Sevens!