A Hong Kong author and mom creates affirmation cards for kids amidst the COVID-19 epidemic

21st May 2020

Drum roll please… with great pleasure we’d like to introduce our #LocalHero for week two—Marina Watt, a HK author and mom who has created a set of affirmation cards, alongside publishing an e-picture book to spread positivity throughout the HK community amidst the coronavirus outbreak.


With the experience of the SARS outbreak in 2003 in her memory, plus the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, Marina believes that the power of positivity is an essential ingredient to build resilience. “I learnt from my 6-year-old. She’s so positive that keeps motivating me to stay positive as well” said Marina. In collaboration with British artist Manshi Mehta, Marina designed motivation cards with colourful cartoons and positive messages in both Chinese and English to protect the mental well-being of children. Early in February this year, Marina also published an e-book to encourage communication between parents and their children during these tough times.


“My hope is that in the world of social isolation and alarming information we receive every day, we use art and literature to spread compassion for each other” said Marina.


Congratulations to our Week Two #localhero Marina! The search for next week’s local hero continues... Nominate your hero now!