17 Jun 2021

The Hong Kong Rugby Union and our entire rugby community is heartbroken to hear the news that Sean Browne passed away on Friday 11th June aged 32.


Sean loved Hong Kong rugby, and we loved him - there are so many special memories of him leading out our national teams and joining them for the anthem line-ups, although he wasn’t adverse on the odd occasion to pin his colours to another international team if he thought they had a better chance of winning and they provided a shirt!


He kept in constant touch with the Union, particularly during the pandemic, always concerned to hear how we were doing, and to remind us to make sure we arranged new sets of club and national team kit for him before each season. His birthdays were always special occasions, with regular reminders to ensure the desired result of public recognition and most importantly a very large cake.


You won’t find a photo of a trophy presentation from the past decade, domestic or international, without Sean slap-bang in the middle, and it was often difficult to work out if it was Sean or Trevor Gregory who was the Union Chairman!  Representatives from unions all across Asia have sent messages of condolence, fondly remembering Sean enthusiastically helping them raise trophies whenever the opportunity arose.


He made our lives better, as I hope we did for him…we will miss his hugs, and his smile.


It was a privilege to call him a friend - as his beloved brother Danny puts it, the world has lost one of the good ones today.


Rest in peace Sean.


If anyone would like to send a message to Sean’s parents, please contact them via: [email protected]


Some special tributes from our rugby community are shared below.


Morag LowSean lived life full on. Loved everyone, and everyone loved him. A very special young man.

Alexandra JonesSean Browne you were quite a character, you were my classmate at the Nesbitt Centre. I’m sure you will be doing all your favourite things now. You will be missed by all of us.

James Natepage – Sean you were, still are, and always will be a legend. Cannot thank everyone enough for the kind words. Feeling very proud of you as I read all this. You touched many people’s lives and brought light.

Julie King – So sad, what a gorgeous person Sean was and will always be remembered. Always loved to see him at the rugby as he was always ready for a chat! Rest in peace beautiful Sean.

Jimmy Gibson – A bright ray of light that shone on each and every one of us without exception. Sean will certainly be in the most wonderful place right now.

Alistair Munro – A lovely and loving person who must have the largest collection of rugby shirts in the world! He will be sorely missed.

Thomas Hall – What an amazing young man we saw grow up. He will be in more winning team photos than any other person in rugby history.

Ruth Mitchell – Birthdays were a big occasion for Sean, so much so I’m sure he had around four per year! I shall miss all his dancing moves and videos. Love ya Sean.

Grant Beuzeval – Sean was a truly loveable and passionate fella – right in the middle. His cracking attitude and eagerness were truly inspirational. Rest easy Sean.

Alex Hunt – We lost a true HK rugby legend. So many special memories with Sean. He will be dearly missed.

Lesley McQueen – Sean will always be remembered by his bubbly personality and his love for rugby, he was often running on with the team or there centre stage for that prize giving picture. Sean will always be fondly remembered.

Alex Broome – Thanks for your humble service to the great game of rugby Sean. Your enthusiasm and energy within and towards our great game will always be fondly remembered. Love to your family and the Club community at this time of reflection and remembrance.

Joe McAlonanReally beautiful to hear how much you all loved Sean, and how many people’s lives he touched. I’m one of Sean’s cousins and spent a great deal of time with him, particularly since him moving to Manchester, and I know how much the Football Club and all the people who work, play and drink there meant to him, he literally never stopped talking about you all. Thank you for all for making such a difference to the life of a really top lad. You all meant the world to him.