26 Feb 2020

In response to the Education Bureau’s announcement on 25/2/20 that class suspension of all schools will be extended to 20th April at the earliest, the HKRU will continue the suspension of all mini, youth and schools rugby activities in support of ongoing coronavirus containment efforts.

With regards tertiary rugby, HKRU staff will continue to liaise with the University Sports Federation as to the practicalities of rescheduling the USF 7s in the future.

In terms of senior rugby, in the event that LCSD venues are reopened from 2nd March HKRU will try and finish the remaining games in the domestic leagues using the 4 Saturdays in March – 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th March.

Please note;

  1. No individual, team or club is under any pressure to play – if your team(s) would prefer not to participate let us know and there will be no punitive actions.
  2. We will not continue with fixtures into April, and there will be no Grand Championships for this season, only League Champions.
  3. We currently do not have any pitch bookings past the first week of March, so we may not be able to secure your normal training slots – we can’t get clarity on that situation until the LCSD offices re-open on 2nd March…assuming they do.
  4. It may be possible to organize some one day tournaments after Easter, if anyone is interested.

All of this is, of course, dependent on LCSD venues re-opening on 2nd March – if the closures are extended then we will be compelled to cancel the rest of the domestic leagues, and just look to the one day tournaments if/when that becomes a possibility.