Disciplinary Results

Disciplinary Results

Discipline is an integral part of the game both on and off the field and is reflected through adherence to the laws, the regulations and rugby’s core values. World Rugby

As coaches, players, managers and officials we should ensure that rugby is a game of controlled physical endeavour and that it is honest and fair.


The HKRU’s disciplinary procedures and guidelines reflect World Rugby Regulation 17. The disciplinary procedures and guidelines exist to penalise players whose foul play or misconduct is other than purely accidental, and to prevent the risk of injury to other players in a dynamic and physical sport. Players have a responsibility to ensure that they do not cause injury to opponents.

An independent Disciplinary Panel or independent Single Judicial Officer will be appointed by the HKRU, to deal with all aspects of the Union's Disciplinary procedures in relation to players playing in the Union's domestic competitions inclusive of Men’s and Women’s Premiership, National Leagues, Community Leagues, and Youth Premiership.


Hearings take place throughout the course of the season on a weekly basis at the HKRU Elite Rugby Training Centre. The results of all disciplinary cases are made available on the below table. 

No.ClubLevelDate of HearingOffenceSanction
1.Valley RFCWPrem5-11-20209.13 A player must not tackle an opponent early, late or dangerously. Dangerous tackling includes, but is not limited to, tackling or attempting to tackle an opponent above the line of the shoulders even if the tackle starts below the line of the shoulders.3 Weeks
2.Valley RFCMPrem18-11-20209.12 A player must not phyically abuse anyone. Punching or striking within hand or arm (including stiff arm tackle)3 Weeks