#HKRUGreatestMoments: Winner Announcement

#HKRUGreatestMoments: Winner Announcement

Hong Kong National Women’s 15s’ Debut at RWC, 2017!

Photo courtesy of World Rugby World Cup

Drum roll please… after two weeks of intense voting, it’s official, the Hong Kong National Women’s 15s’ Debut at RWC, 2017 has been crowned HKRU’S GREATEST MOMENT!

Before the team departed to Dublin in August 2017, Head Coach Jo Hull commented; “Qualification for the World Cup is a good start, but are objectives transcend wins and losses in terms of creating our legacy. We want to inspire more girls to take up Rugby after our appearance. We also want to change the perception of the women’s game in Hong Kong and to show how tough you have to be, how dedicated and how resilient you have to be – rather than giving in or walking away when it gets tough. The players selected are a key to crafting that legacy.”

That legacy has certainly been crafted, and the Women’s game continues to grow in Hong Kong year-on-year.

Congratulations to the Hong Kong National Women’s 15s team.