HKRU FIT Introductory Coaching Course / September 2022

FIT Introductory Coaching Course / September 2022

FIT Introductory Coaching Course / September 2022

Federation of International Touch (FIT) Introductory Coaching Course (Bilingual)

This course consists of an 1-hour classroom theory session to be followed by an outdoor 3-hour practical session.

The Federation of International Touch (FIT) introductory coaching course is a foundation course designed for entry level coaches of local/regional/school competitions, junior competitions, and social adult competitions to develop basic skills and making training fun and enjoyable for all involved. This type of coach is not sure that coaching may be the way ahead and is not necessarily planning to coach on a continuing basis over a longer period.

Application Deadline - Wednesday 31st August 2022 and 14th September

On successful completion, the coach will be able to:

  • Help to foster a love of the game in a climate of fun and safe conditions, mainly to children or novices
  • Encourage participation regardless of the skill level
  • Operate in the recreational area of the sport or at a low competitive level
  • Focus on ensuring players derive enjoyment from the game rather than the importance of results in competition
  • Teach basic skills of the game

This Introductory course is the first step along the coaching pathway and can lead to travel and elite coaching experiences over the lifetime of a coach.

Pre-course Preparation:

FIT General Coaching Principles Course

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Age: 16 or above

Fee: $600


Classroom and basketball court, Confucius Hall Secondary School
(77 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay)

Date Time Language
3rd September 2022 (Saturday) 09:00-13:00 Bilingual
18th September 2022 (Sunday) 09:00-13:00 Bilingual