17 10月 2019

In a short ceremony earlier today, Grant Jamieson on behalf of the Hong Kong Rugby International Players' Association (HKRIPA) presented a copy of the book "A Tribute to George Simpkin" to HKRU, which was accepted by CEO Robbie McRobbie.

This wonderful tribute to one of the most influential figures in the history of Hong Kong rugby features messages and photos provided by the HKRIPA members who wanted to produce a souvenir for George and Pip at a time when George is facing some health issues.

"I would like to thank the HKRIPA Committee on behalf of the HKRU for generously giving us a copy of this wonderful record of George's 'golden era' of Hong Kong rugby, and indeed the impact he had on development on the Mainland as well," said McRobbie. "I am sure that the memories captured in this book will provide George and Pip with a great deal of pleasure, and hopefully provide a wee bit of inspiration at this tough time, in the way he inspired so many throughout his time here."


The HKRIPA Committee sum it up best in the forward they wrote for the book; "You gave the people you coached so much more than just an improvement in their game.  You instilled ethics and values that people live by.  Everyone you coached has, at the very least, one George story, which we love to tell and retell.  You have deeply influenced so many lives and we hope this book can, in some small way, let you know how much you have meant to the HK rugby community."