08 11月 2019

This week the Hong Kong Rugby Union has published a new Strategic Plan that will provide a roadmap for the game over the next 4 years from 2020-23.

The Plan was revealed at two “Town Hall” meetings open to all members of the community, which followed on a further set of presentations with key stakeholders and HKRU staff held last month.

The Plan is the result of almost a year of work led by the HKRU Board and senior management team, but with extensive input from a wide range of both internal and external stakeholders and also reference to global best practice.

The Plan is focused around 4 themes of “Engage, Retain, Perform and Sustain” and consists of 4 Strategic Goals, 12 Objectives and 38 Action Points, each placed into a timeline based on priority.  The first piece of work will consist of a market research project by KPMG, the results of which will provide the data that will then populate the Objectives with a further set of KPIs.

“We live in changing and challenging times, and we believe this Plan will help both the Union and the rugby community together create a model that will safeguard the future of our game in Hong Kong,” noted HKRU CEO Robbie McRobbie.  “We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this process, and we look forward to working with our entire community to realise our vision of making rugby A Game For All.”