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About Hong Kong China Touch

Touch started in Hong Kong in 1988, with under 200 members and a single tournament, the Summer Touch Tournament. The Hong Kong China Touch (HKCT) was formed in 2003 to help administer and organise the sport in Hong Kong, and it is a member of the Federation of International Touch (FIT). The HKTA has undergone a transformation with a new name - Hong Kong China Touch (HKCT) in 2023. HKCT is a Registered Society, holds a Business Registration, and is based at the offices of the Hong Kong China Rugby in Olympic House.

The HKCT Committee, made up of volunteers from the Touch community, oversees the sport, and the HKCR employ one full time Touch Manager, as well as providing development support through the auspices of their Community Department.

While Touch is recognised and supported as an independent sport, at schools level it makes sense to share resources between HKCR and HKCT as touch is the best game that can be introduced on hard court surfaces.

Hong Kong Touch News

The Hong Kong International Touch Championship returns in March 2024! 🎉

For more information, reach out to [email protected]  

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Competition and Tournament Cancellation and Inclement Weather Notices

Should there be any bad weather conditions on the Competition and Tournament day, which will affect the competition, the Tournament will be cancelled as per the following conditions.

If there is Typhoon Signal No.3  or above, and Red or Black Rain Warning hoisted by the HK Observatory, the Tournament will be CANCELLED.

When the Thunderstorm Warning is hoisted by the HK Observatory before or during the Competition or Tournament the decision as to whether a competition will be postponed or cancelled will be made by the Tournament Organizer and Referee Manager.

For further information relating to the weather conditions on a Tournament day, please note the HKCT will inform all Team Captains of cancellation of the Tournament on any given weekend by text message and announced on HKCT Facebook as soon as we are made aware (usually 2 hours before game start).