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Premiership Club General Manager

Job summary 

The role is responsible for the development and implementation of a holistic strategy to ensure the success of the named HKRU Premiership Rugby Club with specific reference to all elements of the HKRU’s Strategic Plan. The role will establish and create clear development pathways for all areas of rugby within the club while also ensuring a high level of business management and reporting to both the Club Chairman and key HKRU Senior Managers(High Performance, Development, Commercial and Finance).  
Key responsibilities 
• Create a clear pathway development system across the rugby teams with focus on (i) fast-tracking talented HK based Colts into the Senior teams and (ii) monitoring junior players who may have taken temporary time out of HK e.g. University. 

• To work closely with the Head Coach on recruitment and succession planning to supplement existing and emerging HK based players complimented with a high calibre of overseas players who fit with both the Premiership League Hong Kong Eligibility and the strategic direction of the HKRU.  

• To work closely with the Head Coach to provide clear reporting guidelines and review structures for coaches and management within the various sub-sections of rugby at the club: men, women, colts, minis. 

• Along with the Head Coach you will act as a key point of contact with the HKRU to ensure that all areas of rugby performance and development are aligned. This will include the following HKRU reports/ meetings: Attendance at HKRU Premiership Operational Meeting, high performance monthly report, quarterly commercial/ sponsorship report, quarterly financial reports. 

• Direct responsibility for all player registration within the senior domestic leagues as well as the club contact for match management, schedules and facility bookings.  

• Working closely and in partnership with, the HKRU Chief Commercial Officer to manage the club’s website and its content along with social media and communications management (Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram and twitter).  

• To be responsible for sponsorship acquisition and negotiation includes design and delivery of sponsorship proposals. 

• To attend or arrange regular meetings with the club accountant, finance director and club board/ committee members (secretary role providing minutes). 

• Liaise with club committee to provide timely information regarding recruitment that can support career guidance and opportunities for current players as well as opportunities for new player recruitment. 

• Work closely with HKRU Coach Education Manager to plan and coordinate attendance for Level 1 & 2 coaching certifications for club parents, coaches and players. 

• Premiership League match day logistics – team announcement, advertising banners, catering (if required), transport, physiotherapist, player supplements. Kit, balls, ball boys. 

Closing date:  5th April 2020
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South China Tigers Public Relations Executive (Part time/freelance position)

Job Summary

A South China Tigers Public Relations (PR) Executive is a media and public relations professional responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a communications strategy to support the HKRU marketing team objectives, maximizing positive exposure in local, national and international markets.

If you are top-notch Public Relations (PR) Executive who’s been waiting for the right opportunity, we have the stage set for someone to shine and deliver! 

We are looking for a competent Public Relations (PR) Executive to support our marketing dream team and help us enhance a favourable image of our company, brand and team with clients, potential customers, influencers and the public.

Key responsibilities

  • Plan, implement and manage public relations strategies 
  • Organize and manage various public relations activities and events 
  • Measure performance of each activity and event
  • Determine and monitor KPIs for public relations activities and events 
  • Work closely with HKRU marketing team to align on objectives and delivery
  • Work closely with Global Rapid Rugby in promoting Rapid Rugby as a whole
  • Match day media management of all 5 South China Tigers home games
  • Arrange and coordinate media interviews
  • Research and gather opportunities for sponsorships
  • Build and maintain relationships with journalists and influencers
  • Stay up to date with PR and industry trends and best practices

Closing Date : 31st March 2020
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