2020, THAT’S A WRAP!

17th Dec 2020

The tumultuous year that is 2020 hasn’t stopped our team of expert coach educators delivering world-class coaching courses to our rugby community — check out a wrap-up of their efforts in 2020 below.

From July to December 2020, we’ve hosted 12 Coach Continual Development Workshops with 264 intakes, a total of 14 World Rugby Level 1&2 Coaching Courses with 129 participants in total, a World Rugby “Rugby Ready” Course and a HKRU Coacheree Course with 30 and 10 intakes respectively.

We’re committed to ensuring our level of coaching remains world-class – in the meantime keep safe and healthy!

Despite challenging times, this year our Coaching Department has provided a total of 19 World Rugby L1 & L2 Strength and Conditioning Courses with 235 intakes during the past few months. 

The L1 programme was split into 3 courses to cater to different needs of children, youth and adult players.

As one of the regional leaders in S&C Coaching, we’ll continue to bring premium S&C programmes to the rugby community with the aim of taking the game to the next level.

During the past few months, our team of professional coach educators have been providing Development Workshops to local Mini and Youth clubs.

Apart from providing a total of 8 Cantonese Zoom Workshops with more than 100 coaches between Aug and Sep, our coach educators have also been attending their club trainings to help implement the advice given during these workshops.  

Interested in our Rugby Coach Training Courses?

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