10th May 2024

The Hong Kong China Touch team is delighted to announce representative squads for the upcoming 2024 Touch World Cup.

The tournament, organised by the Federation of International Touch (FIT), will take place at the University of Nottingham's Highfields Sports Complex from 15-21 July 2024. 180 teams from 39 different countries and regions will compete across 13 divisions, demonstrating an exceptional response to the tournament from across the globe.

Hong Kong China will be making a third appearance at the FIT Touch World Cup, following campaigns in both 2015 and 2019. This year, the Hong Kong China team will send its largest delegation ever, with over 100 players and coaching staff participating in six competition categories: Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's 30s, Men's 40s, Women's 27s and Mixed 30s.

Touch is a rapidly growing sport that emphasises skill, speed and teamwork. The participation of the Hong Kong China Touch team will bring greater visibility to the sport, showcasing Hong Kong China's commitment to touch rugby on the world stage. Dr. Diana Li, Chairlady of Hong Kong China Touch, is eagerly looking forward to the tournament and is satisfied with the team's build up so far. She said:

"Our overall preparation and training are going really well. Considering that back in 2014 we had just one Mixed Open team of 16 players, the fact we are now sending 6 teams shows a remarkable growth of the sport in Hong Kong. With our largest overseas representation to date everyone is excited to step onto the field and give it our all."

The six teams have been engaged in regular training sessions since March. Coach Yung Chi-fung, who previously led the Hong Kong China Touch team in the 2015 and 2019 FIT Touch World Cups, and is now coaching the Men's Open division, emphasises the importance of executing defensive strategies. He commented:

"Tactically placing trust in our defensive strategies will undoubtedly enhance our performance, while minimising minor mistakes will make each game easier for us. On the mental side, effectively managing our recovery between games and on the game day to optimise performance, particularly as not many of our players have experienced tournaments lasting for more than three consecutive days."

With six players having previous World Cup experience, and over half the squad having participated in international competitions, Coach Yung also believes that the sharing of experience by veteran players is something that can help ease the pressure on the team.

Lam Ching-man Keri, captain of the Women's 27s Touch team, acknowledges that their team, who formed less than a year ago, may be considered underdogs compared to some of the more experienced teams. In focusing on pre-match preparations they have fostered a spirit of teamwork, aiming to enhance synergy and collaboration to take into matches and elevate performance. Lam is excited about the team's potential on the field, commenting:

"We've got some surprise moves that we're itching to unleash. Keep a lookout for our slick passing skills and sneaky dummy runs during the game."

Dr. Diana Li will also compete in the Mixed 30s division. She pressed what an honour it was for the six squads to not only be representing Hong Kong China but representing on the world stage. She wished the teams well, imploring them to enjoy the experience and wear the Hong Kong China jersey with pride. She concluded:

"Touch rugby is a great sporting platform. For men and women to compete together as equals on the world stage is just fantastic. I hope that each player will gain invaluable international experience that they can bring back to Hong Kong, thereby elevating our overall performance levels and creating more opportunities to nurture future players."

Hong Kong China Men’s Open 

CHAN Ho Hin (Neo Touch)
CHEUNG Pui Hang (Zion)
CHEUNG Tsz Fung (Zion) CHOW Chung Hin (Pillar SPorts Phoenix Touch)
CHOW Ka Ho (Zion) LEE Siu Nam (Buccaneer)
LEUNG Chung Hin (Zion)
NG Chok Shing (Neo Touch)
NG Wai Lok, Wallace (Raven Touch Football)
PANG Ho Lam (Neo Touch)
TANG Pak Fai (Buccaneer)
TO Kai Shing, Stanic (Galaxy Touch Hong Kong)
TSANG Ho Keung (Buccaneer) WONG Cam Lok (Raven Touch Football)
WONG Wai Lun (Neo Touch)
YAM Hin Chin (Raven Touch Football)
Coach : YONG Chi Fung Zanio
Manager : LIU Kam Ping

Hong Kong China Women’s Open

CHAN Shuk Ki (Neo Touch)
CHAN Wing Yi (T8 Touch Football Club)
CHIU Cin Yei Victoria (VIC Storm, Australia)
CHUNG Ka Ling (Raven Touch Football)
BENNET-THORAK Elderi (T8 Touch Football Club)
BOTHA Tyler (T8 Touch Football Club)
FONG Chun Sin  (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
HAI Siu Ki (Raven Touch Football)
HAU Jing Ting Hayley (Zion)
LAW Hoi Ching (Raven Touch Football)
LOK Ching Lam (Raven Touch Football)
NG Lok Ching Sonia (Buccaneer)
PANG Hiu Lam Mila (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
WONG Chi Ling (Raven Touch Football)
WONG Ching Hei Victoria (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
YIM Chung Sze (Neo Touch)
Coach : WAN Kwok Kwong
Manager : LEE Sunny

Hong Kong China Men’s 30s

AU Chi Wai (Rebels)
CHAN Tsz Him (Zion)
CHEUK Ming Yin Ricky (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
CHEUNG Ho Ning Charles (T8 Touch Football Club)
HO Sai Ah (Raven Touch Football)
LAM Wan Chung Nick (Buccaneer)
LAU Hon Wang Sunny(Zion)
LO Wai Chun (Raven Touch Football)
REEVES Bernie (T8 Touch Football Club)
TO Yat Fei Jason(Zion)
TSANG Lik Fung Alex (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
WONG Man Chung (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
Wong Raymond (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
WU Ka Shing Michael (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
YAU Jun Tang Felix (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
YIP Siu Hong Kenny (Galaxy Touch Hong Kong)
Coach : EGUCHI Ryoma
Manager : BELL Storm

Hong Kong China Men’s 40s

CHEUNG Ka Wang (Greenobo)
CHOW Chi Hoi Ocean(Drink or Home)
FORD Andrew (T8 Touch Football Club)
HO Cham Sum (Greenobo)
JOE Brendon (T8 Touch Football Club)
KAHU Kirk (T8 Touch Football Club)
KOO Chun Hung (Rebels)
LIN Dennis (T8 Touch Football Club)
LOU Wu Yee Eddie (Greenobo)
MASCORD Daniel (T8 Touch Football Club)
MO Michael Man Kit (Greenobo)
NG Chris (Blue Dragons)
NG Shu Wah(Rebels)
NGAN Sai Shing (THT Shiaolin Touch Club) WONG ISSAC (T8 Touch Football Club)
YUEN Hay Yan (Sun of Grapes)
Coach : MO Man Kit Michael
Manager : LAI Nok Hei

Hong Kong China Women’s 27s

AU YEUNG Tsz Lam (Thunder)
HAU Jing Man Jasmin (Zion)
KWOK Ka Hei (Tai Po Dragon)
KWONG Sau Yan Ivy (Tai Po Dragon)
LAM Ching Man Keri (Bomber)
LAM Ka Man Carman (Galaxy Touch Hong Kong)
LAM Luk Ying (Yellow Bull)
LAM Wing Chi (Raven Touch Football)
LI Mei Shan (Zion)
LIM Katherine (Greenobo)
LO Tan Tung (Neo Touch)
NG Ka Yu Gwenda (Neo Touch)
TANG Sin Chi Phyllis (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
TSANG Yuen Ying (Yellow Bull)
WONG Man Chi Grace (Galaxy Touch Hong Kong)
YEUNG Hei Tung J (Neo Touch)
Coach : LI Eric
Manager : KWONG Sau Yan Ivy

Hong Kong China Mixed 30s

CHAN Lut Ting Lawrence (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
CHEUNG Kin Pong (Neo Touch)
FAN Yat Hei Alexander(HK Scottish Folds)
IP Ho Yin Gordon (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
LAM Ka Yan(Rebels)
LI Annabelle Rachel (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
LI Kin Chung (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
LI Yee Yuen Diana(RAA Pacific Touch Club)
LIM Kin Sang (Neo Touch)
NG Man Lung (The North District)
SIU Sheung Yee Stephanie (FASA)
WONG Tsz Shing (Jardines Sports Association)
WONG Ying Faat (Pillar Sports Phoenix Touch)
YIP Wai Ying Emily (Blue Dragons)
YU Man Fung Oly (Zion) 
YUE Hin Wing (Zion) 
Coach : WONG Ying Faat
Manager : SZETO Wing Chung


CHIN January Hong Ting
CHONG Fuk Hei Pinky
FAN Chun Yin Peter
LAM Cheuk Hang Nathan
LAU Chi Chun Roy
LAU Sing Lun Nico