23rd Dec 2020

Founded in 2001 and now part of the UCFB Group, world leading US scholarships agency FirstPoint USA assists 80,000 prospective students and student-athletes each year. FirstPoint's 75-strong global team are connected with more than 2,500 of the best US colleges and universities and provide full support to young international sporting talent from the point of initial consideration all the way to starting their scholarship in the States.


Over the past 19+ years FirstPoint have secured scholarships in the States for tens of thousands of talented young men and women, providing them with a life-changing opportunity and the academic platform to fulfil their potential.


FirstPoint staff are based in international offices including in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Shanghai, Dubai and Melbourne and their reach and impact extends to talented student-athletes from countless countries across six continents, now including Hong Kong.


As part of our educational partnership with HKRU, we are proud to be supporting the academy as shirt sponsors which ties in with our core objective of provide new opportunities to academy talent.  


This partnership is important to FirstPoint, as all partnerships are, as we believe that the US scholarship pathway should be a possible route for all young sporting talent across the world, regardless of their place of birth, background, gender or choice of sport. 


We are passionate about providing life-changing opportunities for the next generation of scholar-athletes, a path all of our own staff were able to enjoy. Partnering with HKRU is a first in Hong Kong and we truly believe the partnership has huge potential for both parties and, most importantly, for youth athletes. 


We all look forward to a successful partnership with everyone at HKRU.