09th Sep 2022

Last week, the Hong Kong Touch Association (HKTA) held the first election in its 20-year history and the first since the formation of the Executive Committee last year. Comprising of members of the Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) board, HKRU staff, and wider community members, the Executive Committee was established in 2021 to drive the growth of the game in Hong Kong.

The below members were elected unopposed to the following portfolios: 

Shing NG was nominated and elected to EXCO Member (Clubs and Competitions). Over many years, Shing has had numerous roles in the Hong Kong Touch Community. Having served as a player, coach, and club manager in the past, including at the tertiary, academic, club and international levels, he is familiar with the past development of touch in Hong Kong, and he is confident that he can further optimize the current registered club’s management and game structure. 

Alex TSANG was nominated and elected to EXCO Member (Coaching and Referees). Alex has been actively involved in Hong Kong touch for over 10 years. During this period, he has achieved the highest administrative role our sport can reach, becoming a board member for the Federation of International Touch from 2014-17, leading the rebrand of the federation and making key strategic decisions for the sport. Alex is focused on further developing refereeing and coaching standards in Hong Kong. 

The evening was well attended by all voting members of the HKTA community. Chairwoman Diana Li spoke in detail about the history of the HKTA and the achievements made over the 2021-2022 season, as well as highlighting some key areas of focus for the coming seasons. Diana also took the opportunity to thank the former chairman, Marco Wong, for his dedication and commitment to the community, with HKRU CEO Robbie McRobbie receiving a gift on his behalf.

The EXCO is looking forward to an exciting winter season of touch coming up, as well as preparations for the 2024 Touch World Cup – we hope to see you on the pitch!