22nd Nov 2023

Hong Kong China Rugby is delighted to announce its partnership with Nan Fung Group, who will extend its NF Touch app and NF Seeds Programme, the city’s first membership app with a sustainable & community edge, to the Nan Fung Group | SEWIT Men's and Women's Premiership.



Launched last year, NF Seeds Programme was created to promote green and sustainable lifestyle while supporting charitable causes. By using the NF Touch app, users can collect NF Seeds by engaging in simple daily tasks related to health and green living. These tasks include activities like running, yoga, ensuring sufficient sleep, utilising recycling bins, and bringing their own reusable coffee mugs or tumblers. By collecting NF Seeds, users can contribute to acts of kindness to give back to the community.



During the 2023/2024 season, Nan Fung Group will give away a total of 41,400 NF Seeds each week to the three winning men's and three winning women's teams for Nan Fung Group | SEWIT Men's and Women's Premiership. Throughout the 15-week season and Grand Finals, winning teams will be awarded NF Seeds for each round. A total of 621,000 NF Seeds will be given away throughout the season. Players can convert these seeds into various charitable actions, such as sharing 500 NF Seeds for a food pack with the underprivileged; or, by sharing 330 NF Seeds, you could sponsor a special learning session for children with special educational needs or providing for an abandoned animal for one month, or supporting a patient to participate in a wellness and holistic health care programme. Let’s love and care reach those in need.


The beneficiary organisations include "Rugby for Good", which empowers young people with social and emotional skills, and for them to realise their potential through the power of sport and education; "A Drop of Life," which strives to ensure the access to clean water for people in need; "Hong Kong Cancer Fund," which offers free information and professional to cancer patients and their families; “ChickenSoup Foundation”, which provides assistance to families facing challenging circumstances; "Food Angel”, which rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry that would otherwise be disposed of as waste which turn into nutritious meals for the needy;  "St. James' Settlement FOOD-CO" , an initiative dedicated to promoting food sharing and reducing food waste; “Unity One Charitable Association”, which encompasses elderly care, youth mentorship, poverty alleviation, and providing support for other charities; as well as "Society for Abandoned Animals Limited", " The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, SPCA," and “House of Joy and Mercy” which advocate for animal rights and welfare.


Rocky Chow, Chief Community Officer of the Hong Kong China Rugby welcomes the collaboration. " We are grateful for Nan Fung Group's partnership and the shared vision of making a positive difference in the community and utilising the power of sports in fostering social impact. Recognising the NF Seeds initiative's objective of promoting green living, we believe that the active involvement of players will infuse the programme with even more positive energy.


The official website of Hong Kong China Rugby will feature a new section to its Nan Fung Group | SEWIT Men's and Women's Premiership standings, showcasing the collection of NF Seeds by participating teams.


Nan Fung Group | SEWIT Men's Premiership seeds standings:
Nan Fung Group | SEWIT Hong Kong Men's… | Hong Kong China Rugby (


Nan Fung Group | SEWIT Women's Premiership seeds standings:

Nan Fung Group | SEWIT Hong Kong Women’s… | Hong Kong China Rugby (


The Nan Fung Group NF Touch membership programme aims to encourage the public to adopt healthy, waste-reducing, and low-carbon lifestyles. Through this collaboration with rugby, players could share the NF Seeds and give back to the community. It will inspire the public to make small changes that can improve themselves and their surrounding environment. Through this collaboration, the objective is to inspire the public to make small changes to bring meaningful changes to improve both their personal well-being and the environment.