01 Sep 2020

Established in 1976, Kowloon RFC remains a fierce competitor in our Saxo Markets Men’s Premiership. Marking their 45th year, we caught up with Jacob Rowan, General Manager of Kowloon RFC, to share some key milestones of the Club through the decades.


1976 - Kowloon RFC was founded by Bill Trotter and John Eastman. Initially, the club was primarily made up of engineers working on the MTR, yet within just 5 years Kowloon had established 5 teams with 7 members representing the Hong Kong National Team.


1980 – Kowloon RFC introduced the first 10-a-side tournament in Hong Kong. Kowloon RugbyFest, as it is now known, remains a social 10's tournament hosted throughout the week of Hong Kong 7's. The tournament has since grown considerably with over 32 teams worldwide descending on Kings Park, followed by a 600-person fundraising dinner.


1990-91 - The first semi-professional player joined Kowloon RFC. Since then, Kowloon has seen the likes of Ollie Barkley, Joe Shaw, Mark McMillan, Rob Webber and Chris North all don the maroon and white hoops.


2007 - The Kowloon Netball team was established, going on to win the Division 1 Championship for the first time in 2019!

2018 - In the last few seasons Kowloon have been crowned Men's Kerry Hotel Cup Winners, Ladies Prem A Winners and Community league champions - our dedicated Beavers team!


2019 – Kowloon RFC established a U19 Rugby Academy, which provides a performance-based programme for those graduating from the U16 youth club programs to continue their development in a senior environment.

Throughout, Kowloon has always had a strong focus on giving back to its community. Since its inception Kowloon has worked with endless charities including Po Leung Kuk, Operation Breakthrough, Tony Ho Foundation, HandsonHK and the Love 21 Foundation.


So, there you have it; 44 years of history in a nutshell. We wish Kowloon RFC best of luck in the upcoming season!