03rd Jun 2024

2023 marked the 10 year anniversary of Hong Kong Sevens becoming a full-time programme at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. To mark the occasion, caps are being awarded to players who have represented the Hong Kong China Sevens Team in a full international tournament since 2013 and, in doing so, contributed so much to the programme and growth of the game.

The Sevens Capping Ceremony held on Saturday afternoon at Hong Kong Football Club recognised the first batch of capped players, with more caps being awarded at a later date. The ceremony took place ahead of the Asia Rugby Championship 2024 doubleheader, after which capped players watched from the stands as Hong Kong China Men’s and Women’s XVs both recorded impressive wins. 

Hong Kong China teams have competed in Asia, the UK and Europe annually across a variety of formats and levels during the last decade, including invitational spots on the HSBC World Sevens Series, Rugby World Cup Sevens, the Asian Games, Olympic Qualification tournaments and many more.

In total, 27 men and 13 women collected caps on Saturday, which were awarded in order of player debut dates:



Rowan Varty, Kings 7s 2003 Bangkok (59)
Kwok Ka Chun, IRB Series 2006 (33)
Tsang Hing Hung, IRB Series 2006 (26)
Mark Wright, IRB Series 2006 (19)
Keith Robertson, IRB Series 2007 (27)
Tom McQueen, IRB Series 2008 (40)
Alex McQueen, IRB Series 2009 (55)
Yiu Kam Shing, World Games 2009 (75)* Record cap holder
Adam Raby, Asian Sevens Series 2009 (8)
Gavin Hadley, Asian Sevens Series 2009 (2)
Jamie Hood, Asian Sevens Series 2010 (54)
Cado Lee, Asian Sevens Series 2011 (57)
Charles Cheung, Asian Sevens Series 2011 (3)
Josh Peters, Asian Sevens Series 2011 (5)
Ben Rimene, Asian Sevens Series 2012 (33)
Lee Jones, Asian Sevens Series 2012 (38)
Chris Maize, National Games 2013 (20)
Adam Rolston, National Games 2013 (1)
Dennis Chang, Asian Sevens Series 2013 (1)
Jonny Rees, Asian Sevens Series 2013 (1)
Max Woodward, Asian Sevens Series 2013 (48)
Michael Coverdale, Asian Sevens Series 2014 (47)
Jack Capon, Asian Sevens Series 2014 (12)
Jason Jeyam, Asian Sevens Series 2016 (6)
James Cunningham, Cross Continental 7s 2016 (3)
Jack Neville, Asian Sevens Series 2017 (12)
Charles Higson-Smith, World Series 2017 (1)


Lindsay Varty, Hong Kong 7s 2006 (21)
Chan Hoi Ping (Emmy), Hong Kong 7s 2006 (9)
Chrissy Gordon, Hong Kong 7s 2007 (23)
Candy Cheng, ARFU Championship 2007 (40)
Christy Cheng, World Cup Qualifier 2008 (35)
Sham Wai Sum, Hong Kong 7s 2009 (33)
Ivy Kwong, IRB Challenge Cup 2013 (29)
Rosie Hopewell-Fong, Hong Kong 7s 2012 (11)
Cindy Yeun, ARFU Championship 2013 (15)
Lee Tsz Tin, ARFU Women’s 7s Series (6)
Adrienne Garvey, IRB Qualifier 2014 (10)
Stephanie Cuvelier, Asia Rugby 7s Series 2015 (6)
Amber Tsang, World Rugby Qualifier 2018 (2)