25th Aug 2023

At the 67th Annual General Meeting of Hong Kong China Rugby (HKCR) held on the 24th August 2023, four incumbent Directors, namely Martin Murray, Tony Karton, Rod Lai and David Scott, were re-elected to serve further two-year terms on the HKCR Board.

Martin continues as the Finance Director, whilst the other three are joined as Elected Directors by Kim Boreham, who was elected for a one-year term. Kim has been an active member of the local rugby community for over twenty years and previously held the position of Director of Women’s Rugby at HKCR between 2016 and 2018.

Meanwhile, Diana Li will step down from the Board after completing her three-year term, leaving a strong legacy of community engagement and having overseen a re-structuring of the Hong Kong China Touch Association.

HKCR Chairman Chris Brooke noted; “Congratulations to Martin, Tony, Rod and Dave on their re-appointment – they all bring a wealth of rugby experience, as well as expertise in their professional fields of IT, finance and banking, to the Board.

I would also like to welcome Kim back to the Board of Directors of HKCR. As Director of Women’s Rugby between 2016 and 2018, Kim introduced various initiatives to promote and encourage more women to take up governance and leadership roles within Hong Kong rugby. With her re-election, I am sure she will provide a meaningful and valuable contribution to the Board and assist in the sustainable growth and development of rugby in Hong Kong.

Last but not least, on behalf my fellow Directors, the HKCR management team and the entire rugby community, I would like to recognise the significant contributions of Diana Li during her term as a Director of HKCR. Diana has been very effective in promoting women’s rugby across various parts of the community in Hong Kong, as well as actively raising the profile of Touch rugby. As the Chair of the Hong Kong Touch Association, Diana will continue to play her part in sharing passion for the game and encouraging more and more people to get involved in our sport.”

All five Elected Directors will assume their Board roles with immediate effect.