A legendary rugby club raised HK$247,000 for two local charities by climbing the equivalent height of 8.5 Mt Everest’s in 12 hours

03 Jul 2020

BRAVO! For the first time, our #LocalHero goes to a collection of people—Valley RFC! On Saturday 27th June, members of Valley RFC climbed the Ladder Street stairs between 6am-6pm, a.k.a the equivalent of summiting Mt Everest 8.5 times in 12 hours, raising HK$247,000 for two local charities, Feeding Hong Kong and Harmony House.


Starting at 6 am, two teams set off on their ‘relay race’, with one runner from each team racing with another, quickly developing into a sporting crowd of 200 ‘attacking the steps’ in a joint effort. As the competitiveness grew, so did the blistering heat, yet the 1st Everest was conquered by 8 am.


During the 12 hours, 21 teams from Rugby, Hockey and Netball sections as well as Valley Fort achieved the following;

  • 3,779 back-and-forth trips on Ladder Street
  • A total elevation of 75,580 metres, i.e. the equivalent to 8.5 Mt Everest’s
  • A total of HK$247,000 raised for two local charitie

  The two charities, Harmony House and Feeding Hong Kong, are under increased stress during COVID-19. Donate to Valley’s good cause if you can: