Air Pollution Guidelines

Air Pollution Guidelines 

In Hong Kong, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) is responsible for monitoring the local air quality and communicating any short-term health risks associated with air pollution via the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI). AQHI’s are reported on a scale of 1-10+ and grouped into five categories from “Low” to “Serious”.


When pollution levels are increased and the air quality health index is high, it may be necessary to limit the amount of outdoor activity, especially for children and anyone with existing respiratory conditions such as asthma. Keep in mind that the air pollution levels tend to increase during the day and peak in late afternoon. HKRU monitors the AQHI and follows the advice of the EPD regarding any adjustment of activity levels in relation to the air quality health index.


The suggested precautionary actions under each AQHI category can be found in the following EPD's website for AQHI -


The HK Education Bureau (EDB) urges all schools to visit the EDB's website for appropriate measures to safeguard students' health and take note of changes in the index. The relevant hyperlink is as follows:


Below is a link to a schools activity guide for days when pollution levels are high which may be helpful as a reference.

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Lucy Clarke

Head of Player Welfare & Medical