Pre Hospital Immediate Care In Sport - Hong Kong

Pre Hospital Immediate Care In Sport - Hong Kong

Why Pre Hospital Immediate Care in Sport?

When injuries occur at sports events, it is crucial that medical teams are well-prepared and well-trained for such incidents.

In the UK, this requirement and the lack of advance courses to specifically address these needs led to the development of the Pitchside Immediate Traumatic Care Course (PSITCC) by the England Rugby Football Union (RFU) in 2005. Since then, many courses have been successfully run in UK.

In 2012, PSITCC was renamed as Pre Hospital Immediate Care in Sport (PHICIS), to reflect the more generic nature of the course to sport.

In order to raise the standard of pitch side medical care in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine (HKCEM) and Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) have been jointly organising ICIS in Hong Kong, which is the first in Asia, since 2010.

The Course

This 2-day course addresses the immediate care training needs for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and on-site personnel working within sports. The course integrates basic and advanced life support, pre-hospital and advanced trauma life support, on-field assessment of concussion, wound care and wound closure, in sport-specific contexts.

Each course will be conducted by teaching faculty from the UK and HK with extensive experience in pre-hospital immediate care and sports medicine education.
Prior knowledge of BLS, ACLS, ATLS or PHTLS is advisable in applying for the course. For applicants without aforesaid experience, a pre-course workshop is required.

**Candidates who pass will be awarded a certificate issued by the HKCEM and HKRU, endorsed by the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

PHICIS Level 2 course details:

Course Date Course Fee
Level 2 Re-Accreditaion

28 Feb 2018 HK$3600,
HK$3000 for EMS or HKCEM Member
Level 2 1 & 2 Mar 2018 HK$4800,
HK$4000 for EMS or HKCEM Member

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**HKCEM/EMS members, please contact [email protected] to receive discount code before submitting application.

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