Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

HKCR Player Welfare – Injury Prevention

As a Governing body, Hong Kong China Rugby, takes player welfare extremely seriously and regularly make improvements to enhance safety while striving to ensure that all players can access the best care if injuries do occur. We recognise the concern of parents about risks associated with sport and contact sport in particular, however we believe our players are safer now than ever.

Caroline Finch – Public Health Impact of Sports Injuries - WR Medical Commission Conference - 2015

Improving the safety of sport is high on the agenda. All sports carry risks – contact sport is no different. These can be reduced by coaching the correct techniques and managing injuries appropriately if they do occur. Rugby is the most up-to-date sporting organisation in terms of a proactive approach to injury prevention and concussion management. Recent studies from Bath University, in conjunction with RFU indicate that introduction of a 20-minute movement control exercise warm up program could significantly reduce match injuries including concussion in school children.

Rugby, as with many sports where an element of contact is part of the game, not only promotes physical fitness, but also discipline, respect, leadership and team work, qualities which are transferrable to the classroom and into later life. More information & resources available at HKRU website:

Dr. David Owens, Chief Medical Officer

Lucy Clarke, Head of Player Welfare & Medical

June 2017