Richard Hawkes Trophy and Kim Lam Cup

Richard Hawkes Trophy and Kim Lam Cup

U12: Richard Hawkes Trophy

The Richard Hawkes Trophy has been contested by the U12 age group since the 2000-01 season, initiated by the then HKMRFU chairman, Kevin Browne, to recognise the contribution of Richard Hawkes, Hong Kong Chief District Court judge, former New Zealand Davis Cup tennis player and popular mini rugby coach for the Hong Kong Football Club. Richard sadly passed away in the months after the first season had ended, but he had been able to offer encouragement and input into the tournament structure, and his wife, Julie, presented the first trophy.

There are two stages to the season, starting with a league structure for the first five festivals. Teams play in four pools (Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield), with winners at each festival and promotions/relegations between pools.  Then, at the sixth and final festival at the Hong Kong Football Club, the rankings from the fifth tournament determine the starting placings in two larger pools, leading to a knockout stage in which teams play semi-finals and finals for the Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield.  

Richard Hawkes Trophy - Results

2000-01: Cup FC

2001-02: Cup Stanley Fort

2002-03: Cup FC

2003-04: Cup FC

2004-05: Cup VF ; Bowl MKY

2005-06: Cup FC

2006-07: Cup DEA

2007-08: Cup VF

2008-09: Cup FC1 ; Plate DEA2 ; Bowl TPD ; Shield FC3. Coordinator: Case Everaert (FC)

2009-10: Cup DBP ; Plate DEA1 ; Bowl SSP/THT ; Shield HKU2. Coordinator: Case Everaert (FC)

2010-11: Cup VF1 ; Plate FC1 ; Bowl FC2 ; Shield MKY/TWR. Coordinator: Case Everaert (FC)

2011-12: Cup HKU1 ; Plate SKS1 ; Bowl FC3 ; Shield HKU2. Coordinator: Tony Karton (DBP)

2012-13: Cup DBP1 ; Plate FC1 ; Bowl DBP2 ; Shield FC4. Coordinator: Tony Karton (DBP)

2013-14: Cup VF1 ; Plate SKS1 ; Bowl FC2 ; Shield ABN/MKY/TWR. Coordinator: Case Everaert (FC)

2014-15: Cup SKS1 ; Plate DBP1 ; Bowl VF3 ; Shield FC3. Coordinator: Guy Green (HKU)

2015-16: Cup DBP1 ; Plate USRC1 ; Bowl FC ; Shield HKU. Coordinator: Simon Galea (USRC)

2016-17: Cup HKU1 ; Plate DBP1 ; Bowl FC3 ; Shield HKU3. Coordinator: Brandon Huang (HKRU)

2017-18: Cup DBP1 ; Plate HKU1 ; Bowl SKS2 ; Shield SSP. Coordinator: Susan Wheeler (VF)

2018-19: Cup VF1 ; Plate DBP1 ; Bowl SSP/THT ; Shield VF3. Coordinator: Kathryn Thomson (FC)

2019-20: Coordinator: Steve Power (FK)

2020-21: Cup FC1 ; Plate DBP ; Bowl HKU2 ; Shield SSP. Coordinator: Steve Warren (USRC)

2023-24: Coordinators: Wah Kwok (Sha Tin Sha Pei) & Daniel Booth (Hong Kong Football Club)

U12G: Kim Lam Cup

The Kim Lam Cup was set up in 2011 to honour the contribution of outgoing HKMRFU chair, Kim Lam, currently a Board Director with the HKRU.  The contest largely follows the structure of the Richard Hawkes tournaments, with U11/12 Girls competing in Cup and Plate pools at the first five festivals, and then contesting pool and knockout stages at the Hong Kong Football Club festival to determine the season’s winners.

Kim Lam Cup - Results

2011-12: Cup HKU1 ; Plate FK. Coordinator: Tony Karton (DBP)

2012-13: Cup HKU1 ; Plate DEA Tigers. Coordinator: Audrey Zau (DEA)

2013-14: Cup DBP ; Plate VF. Coordinator: Mark Davies (HKU)

2014-15: Cup HKU1 ; Plate SKS. Coordinator: Megan Dwyer (HKMRFU)

2015-16: Cup FC1 ; Plate VF. Coordinator: Megan Dwyer (HKMRFU)

2016-17: Cup SKS1 ; Plate FK. Coordinator: Brandon Huang (HKRU)

2017-18: Cup HKU1 ; Plate SKS2. Coordinator: Joe Stanion (FK)

2018-19: Cup HKFC ; Plate SKS1. Coordinator: Steve Hersey (VF)

2019-20: Coordinator: Roshan Rummun, Gil Schorr (HKU)

2020-21: Cup HKU1 ; Plate VF2 ; Bowl FC2. Coordinator: Gil Schorr (HKU)

2023-24: Suchitra Kuruvilla (Sandy Bay) & Junko Ohya (Tigers)