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Jockey Club - "All About Rugby" Program - Rugby Spirit

Jockey Club - "All About Rugby" Program is a project that provides age-specific value-based curriculum to promote children’s mental and physical wellbeing。Except to rugby training, it also contains different core values of rugby and life skills to improve the physical and mental health of students。Empower student can be easier to solve the problem when they facing to adversity while in school or community. Through this program, schools able to develop rugby team and to conduct regular training sessions - enabling children to engage in a structured sport.

Life skills
Using play-based learning to let students experience the difference between the situations and attitudes when encountering in activities。 Cooperate with group discussions, apply the experience learn from training to daily life, let students know how to deal with the difficulties with positive attitude.
Core values of rugby
Care for other (Primary)Responsibility (Primary & Secondary)
Honest (Primary)Respect (Primary & Secondary)
Passionate (Primary)Excellence (Secondary)
Inclusion (Primary)Teamwork (Secondary)
Curriculum  Structure
School Demonstration:  HKRU will arrange coaches to do the demonstration classes in the school, students will experience basic rugby knowledge, skills, and a simple Try Rugby game. Aim to increase students’ interest in rugby and have a basic understanding for rugby core values and life skills.
School Training:HKRU will arrange coaches to do the school team training. Training can be arranged at school or rugby pitch, Curriculums include life skills and rugby training. Rugby content training with (Touch Rugby). Rugby core values will deliver by play based learning.
Quota, Target and Session time
Primary Section Secondary Section
Demo (80 schools) P.4 - P.5 students each class must finish 3 sessions/ 60-120 minutes by session Demo (45 schools) F.1 - F.3 students each class must finish 2 sessions/ 60-120 minutes by session 
Training (50 teams)  P.4 - P.6 students 8 sessions each phase / total 3 phase 90-120 minutes by sessionTraining (45 teams) F.1 - F.6 students 8 sessions each phase / total 4 phase 90-120 minutes by session

If the application school numbers over than our annual quota, the school list and the demo period will be determined by ballot.

In addition to the rugby content, the coach will also teach a core value related to the course during each training period (Eg: Excellence, Determination, Ambition, Discipline). Expect players to learn positive values while training.

To understand the efficiency of the course and make improvements, HKRU will send out a questionnaire to invite students to put forward their opinions on the course after completing the whole course.


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Application Period: 26th June 2023 to 10th July 2023

Ballot: 11th July 2023

Ballot Result: 12th July 2023

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