Girls Youth Development Programme 2019

Girls Youth Development Programme 2019


The Girls Youth Development Programme is a rugby programme opens to ALL female general public with basic rugby union skills and knowledge of the game to participate in. The programme will involve players being divided into 4 equal teams, players will be given systematic and continuous training to improve their rugby union skill sets as well as developing their social skills and self-confidence.

An event will be held to allow the players to apply what they have learnt from the training within a game situation. The final games will be played along with other senior women’s league games on the Saturday 26th October “KPMG Pink Rugby Day”. This will be a showcase and demonstration of Women’s and Girls’ participation in rugby union. Through this programme, the girls will have the opportunity to be selected for the Girls National Age Grade Programme (National Squad Training).


To ensure players develop and adapt into a playing environment that enable the girls to strengthen their rugby knowledge and skills, whilst creating opportunities to have quality game times as well as enhance their inter-personal skills among group activities.

Inclusive and Rugby Values

The Girls Youth Development is a participation-based programme. The programme takes on a player-centered approach with a high emphasis on the need to give players equal opportunity to play, train and develop. As such it is a rule that coaches must give every player that shows up an opportunity to play at least 50% of the game time.

We also use the training sessions to promote the values of rugby as below which are printed on the jersey and educated:

Rugby Values
INTEGRITYCentral to the game and is generated through honesty and fair play
PASSIONExcitement and enthusiasm for the game, emotional attachment and a sense of belonging
SOLIDARITYUnifying spirit that leads to life-long friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty
DISCIPLINEIntegral part of the game both on and off the field, reflected through adherence to the laws and core values
RESPECTFor team-mate, opponents, match officials and those involved in the game


All female participants acquire basic rugby union skills and knowledge of the game (passing, tackling, carry ball into contact); and who were born in the following years:

2001, 2002 and 20032004 and 20052006 and 2007

Selection Policy

120 players from each age grade who meet the selection criteria listed below and perform relatively better will be considered. Emails will be sent to selected players on or before 27 September 2019.

Players demonstrates the ability:

• to pass the ball from both hands with running pace at least 5m accurately
• take the ball into contact with safety body position and go forward for 2m
• to complete basic tackles 3 times out of 5 repetition in a 5m square


This season we will have three age grades of U14, U16 and U19.

This programme will run through 5 weeks with 1 selection day, 5 training sessions and 1 competition and finals.

This will encompass a total of 12 teams with approximately 360 players and 24 officials/coaches.

Trainings will be held every Monday and games will be played every Wednesday evening at Kings Park, so there will be 6 games played back to back every Wednesday evening.

Each team within their age group will get the opportunity to play each other once before contesting for the plate and cup finals.

Management Team

Each Girls Youth Development team will be assigned a National Age Grade or HKRU coach who will work alongside a Club coach.


Free entry

Application Method

Fill and submit the online enrollment form below

Application Period

From Monday, 2 September to Monday, 16 September 2019

Programme Schedule

Selection Day*

Age GroupsAgeDateTimeVenue
Girls U1412-1325 September 201918:00-19:30King's Park Sports Ground #2 and #3
Girls U1614-15
Girls U1916-18

Training Schedule*

Age GroupsAgeTraining DatesTimeVenue
Girls U1412-13

30 September;

7, 14, 21 & 23 October 2019

17:00-18:15King's Park Sports Ground #1 and #3
Girls U1614-1518:15-19:30King's Park Sports Ground #2 and #3
Girls U1916-1818:15-19:30King's Park Sports Ground #1 and #2

Competitions and Finals Schedule*

Age GroupsDatesTimeVenue
Girls U142, 9 & 16 October 2019

Game 1: 17:30

Game 2: 18:30

King's Park Sports Ground #1
Girls U16

Game 1: 18:00

Game 2: 19:00

King's Park Sports Ground #2
Girls U19

Game 1: 18:00

Game 2: 19:00

King's Park Sports Ground #3
Girls U14

Finals: 26 October 2019

"KPMG Pink Rugby Day"

Game 1: 12:00

Game 2: 12:00

King's Park Sports Ground #1 and #2
Girls U16

Game 1: 13:00

Game 2: 13:00

King's Park Sports Ground #1 and #2
Girls U19

Game 1: 14:00

Game 2: 14:00

King's Park Sports Ground #1 and #2

*Remarks: Changes will be made subject to pitch availability and weather conditions. Notification will be sent out accordingly.

Player Registration