Rugby Goggles

Rugby Goggles

World Rugby has, in July 2019, approved the use of Goggles while playing rugby. Goggles that comply with requirements can now be worn by any player while playing rugby. Compliance is indicated on the goggles by the presence of the World Rugby Approved logo.

To ensure that Rugby Goggles minimize the risk of injury to wearers and other players, World Rugby has developed the Rugby Goggles Performance Specification. The specification is a rigorous test program that describes and assesses the physical and optical aspects of the goggle performance and design. In accordance with World Rugby Laws any goggles used for contact Rugby (at all levels of the game) shall comply with World Rugby Regulation 12. Detailed information regarding specifications for compliance is available on the World Rugby Player Welfare website at the following link;

Rugby Goggles are not intended to be protective, but it is recognized that in complying with the specification there is a likelihood that some protective qualities will exist. World Rugby has attempted to balance the risks to all players that may be introduced by the use of goggles with the need to enable their use. It is also recognized that the goggles will not be appropriate for every player who may need them.

We understand that you/your child usually wear prescription eye glasses and would like to wear Goggles during rugby activities. Please note that Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) does not accept any responsibility for injury or damage which may occur to your child or any other player as a result of wearing sports safety glasses during Rugby Activities. However, if you are not able to obtain Goggles with the World Rugby approved logo and are unsure whether or not your Goggles meet with the appropriate regulations, you should check with a registered dispensing optician who should confirm such in writing. You must produce a letter confirming that the Goggles you/your child intends to wear are safe to be used during Rugby and sign the declaration attached.